Running Revel on Windows

I got curious about Revel which is powered by Google’s Go! language which I like very much (especially now when I am doing lots of C++), It worked great on my Ubuntu box but when I tried to get it to work on my Windows machine, I ran into issues.

Before I talk about that however, there are a few prerequisites needed before you get to run this on windows, namely:

  1. Install the Go! runtime.
  2. Install Mercurial - this SCM is needed as it uses Mercurial to download some dependencies.

Once you done all that, run this in your command prompt:

go get

Once that is done, you have Revel installed.

Like Ruby on Rails, it requires you to run commands in your command prompt to generate the structure and all that. In this case, the command is called “revel”, unfortunately this does not work on Windows. The command is not in your path, reason being is that instead of the revel.exe file being on the C:\Go\bin directory, it is instead in the C:\Go\bin\bin directory which is strange. Once you added the C:\Go\bin\bin directory into your PATH, it will work like its supposed to,

Hope this helped.